en-US Guardian Reviewer Compares Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to HBO#039;s #039;Nazi#039; Collaborator A TV review in the Guardian compares Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a lifelong anti-genocide activist, to a fictional rabbi in HBO's The Plot Against America who collaborates in the rise of a Nazi-like, antisemitic regime in the U.S. Tue, 31 2020 21:28:10 GMT The best garden mulches Mulch can help preserve soil moisture, block weeds, and can enrich and improve the soil. Selecting the best type of mulch can save money, protect natural resources, and give you the gardening results you desire. For a long-lasting, insect-resistant organic garden mulch, Great North Forest Cedar Mulch is our pick. When you see a photo of a lovely garden, your eye is drawn to the hardscape of walls, paths, and the natural beauty of the flowers, shrubs, and trees. You probably don't notice the mulch, but it's there. The unified look and the lack of unsightly weeds are your first clues that the gardener knows the benefits of mulching to conserve moisture, help control weeds, and add nutrients to the soil for healthier plants. There are nearly as many varieties of mulch as there are plants. Natural mulches include tree bark, sawdust, wood chips, chopped autumn leaves, pine straw, oyster shells, cocoa bean shells, crushed and natural stone, and even newsprint paper. Recycled rubber, plastic pellets, and plastic sheeting are used to create inorganic mulches.  The key to the successful use of mulch is knowing the best type of mulch for your garden site and growing zone, and using it properly. Your local county extension office can help you determine the best type of mulch for improving your garden and giving you the aesthetic you desire. As a farmer's daughter, I have a good understanding, but I've learned so much from the horticulture specialists and county agents I worked with at Clemson University Extension. They help community members with gardening problems and teach them to become master gardeners. Whatever type of mulch you use, be sure to use enough. A thin layer may look good in the short term but it won't block the weeds or do much good to hold moisture in the soil. You need at least two to four inches of mulch to make an impact. As you spread the mulch, remember to keep it several inches away from the stem of the plant or trunk of the tree or shrub to prevent rot from too much moisture. Plants need moisture in the roots, not next to the stem.  Most gardening centers and home improvement stores can help you determine how much mulch you need. If you want to figure it out yourself, use a "mulch calculator" like this one from Home Depot so you can budget for enough mulch to make an impact. If you like to prevent weeds, protect plant roots, lower your garden watering bill, and create an attractive look to your planted areas, you'll need mulch. We've tested these five garden mulches for durability, sun-fading, ease of use, and, of course, price. Here are the best mulches: Best organic mulch: Great North Forest Cedar Mulch Best inorganic mulch border: Plow and Hearth Perma Mulch Border Best mulch for potted plants: Window Garden Fiber Mulch Best mulch for freshly seeded lawns: EZ Straw Seeding Mulch with Tack The best organic mulch This 100% cedar mulch is long-lasting, decay-resistant, and a natural insect repellent too. Cedar mulch is usually one of the more expensive choices but it is also one of the best choices because unlike some other types of organic mulch, Great North Forest Cedar Mulch resists decay and lasts longer in the garden. Made of cedar tree bark and wood chips without any fillers, it won't need to be replenished as frequently as other types of mulch. This mulch is not dyed and adds a lovely golden yellow with a hint of red to the garden bed. The cedar resins emit a "pine scent" which is pleasant to our noses but not to many types of insects that can damage plants. The one downside to cedar mulch is that it can draw nitrogen from the soil. This shouldn't be a problem if you routinely fertilize your garden. I love this mulch because it is heavy enough to block weed growth around established trees and shrubs without floating away during heavy rains. And, because it is slow to decay, I don't have to reapply mulch as often as I do when using leaf compost or pine straw. I would rather pay a bit extra and know that I am getting true cedar (not a substitute) and not have to double the labor to replace it every season. Pros: 100% pure cedar bark and wood chips, decay-resistant, repels insects, stands up to heavy rains Cons: More expensive than other types of mulch, can reduce nitrogen levels in the soil The best inorganic mulch border The Plow and Hearth Perma Mulch Border is easy to roll and cut to create perfectly neat edges around garden beds.  I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of inorganic mulches. Somehow putting rubber or plastic pellets around natural vegetation just doesn't seem right. However, I do love a neat edge to a garden bed and nothing does that better than Plow and Hearth Perma Mulch Border. The 4.5-inch wide border is made from recycled shredded rubber tires and comes in a 10-foot roll. The rubber shreds are bonded together and thick enough to prevent weeds from receiving the sunlight they need to grow but permeable enough to allow water to flow into the soil. To install, all you need to do is roll it out and cut to the desired length with scissors. It is heavy enough to stay in place during windy days. I use it in the vegetable, annual, and perennial beds where I surround the tender plants with compost. The black rubber blends in well and helps keep the lighter compost in place and the edges looking neat. More importantly, it prevents weed growth. I've had it down for three seasons and it is still going strong. I even use it to hold black plastic in place during winter months. I just wish they would offer the same product in brown for my other beds. Pros: Blocks weed growth, easy to install, durable Cons: Only available in black, must use landscape staples to form curves to edge a garden bed The best mulch for potted plants Window Garden Fiber Mulch provides your indoor potted plants with the same benefits of mulch in your garden. Now that you know the benefits of mulching plants in your garden, don't you want to extend the love to your indoor and outdoor potted plants? Window Garden Fiber Mulch will make your green thumb efforts even better. Just as garden mulch helps the soil retain moisture and blocks the growth of unsightly weeds, the coconut husks and fibers of Window Garden Mulch do the same for potted plants. The mulch not only gives a natural, finished look around the roots of the plant, but it also helps hold soil in place and reduces the need for watering as frequently. Gather the kids around when it arrives because they will love to see the mulch grow before their eyes. You'll receive a seven-inch square tile and a large heavy-duty plastic bag. Pop the tile in the bag, add water, and it will grow to five quarts of mulch. You don't need to use it all right away and can use the bag for storage. I have the mulch on every indoor and outdoor potted plant. My plants look great and there is no compaction of the soil or splashing if I happen to water too aggressively. I particularly love it for surrounding the roots of my orchids and air plants that should not be planted in heavy soil. Pros: Attractive, porous mulch, reduces moisture loss from potted plants, fun to reconstitute Cons: Can blow away if soil level is too high in the planted container The best mulch for freshly seeded lawns Your hard work reseeding a lawn won't be for naught if you use EZ Straw Seeding Mulch with Tack to keep the seeds in place. Lawns get bare spots — kids wear out the grass playing, insects invade, droughts happen. When it's time to reseed those areas, EZ Straw Seeding Mulch with Tack will help you watch the grass grow. Seeding or reseeding lawns takes a great deal of work. The soil must be tilled and seeds are sown, and then those seeds must be watered and kept in place until roots form. Wind, excessive water, birds, and squirrels are all ready to snatch the seeds out of the ground. That's why you need to protect the seeds. This mulch is a natural straw that has an applied bonding agent so it holds it together and creates a mat over the freshly planted seeds. I use it for both lawn repair and to protect flower and vegetable seeds that I sow directly in the soil. The straw is biodegradable so it can stay in place after the seeds sprout. This may not be the most beautiful mulch you've ever seen, but it is one of the most helpful in the garden. Pros: Protects freshly seeded areas, biodegradable, covers 500-square-feet, comes in a heavy-duty bag for easy storage. Cons: Does not blend into the garden. What else we considered In addition to the beneficial duties mulch provides in the garden like helping to retain moisture, stifling weed growth, and adding some nutrients to the soil, it can also create a decorative component. Many gardeners choose a certain type of mulch to reflect their garden's theme or to compliment the exterior of their home. Here are some other types of mulch and a mulch enhancer we considered that didn't make the cut but you may prefer for your garden. Vigoro Rubber Mulch .8 cu. ft. bag ($6.97) This mulch is made from 100% recycled rubber and available in black, red, or brown. While it looks like wood mulch and is more durable (lasts for years), it does not provide nutrients to the soil. The biggest downfall is that it is nearly impossible to maintain if you have falling leaves or pine needles in the fall. Blowing away leaves or suctioning them up will also scatter or suction away the mulch. Instead of using it throughout the garden, choose rubber mulch to create a great surface under playground equipment like swings and slides. MSI Dorado Beach River Rock 40 pound bag ($11.98) Natural river rock can be purchased in shades of grey, red, white, and brown in every size from large stones to pea-sized gravel to use in the garden. It is beautiful in certain settings like a xeriscaped-garden filled with succulents and evergreen plants that don't require a lot of water. It didn't make our cut because it is hard to maintain in areas where deciduous shrubs and trees shed leaves. And since rocks don't always fit together tightly, light can still get to weed seeds and cause them to sprout. If you ever decide to change the look of the garden, digging out pounds and pounds of rock is a real chore. River rock is best for pathways or to fill in areas where no plant growth is wanted. Butler Arts Natural Landscaping Seashells .25 cu. ft. bag ($22.98) Using seashells as mulch lends a tropical flair to a garden. These shells are delicately-colored and tumbled by the waves to create smooth edges and a weathered appearance. A tropical look may not fit your decorating style and this mulch is more expensive than most other choices. I often use seashells as a mulch for indoor tropical plants for a decorative touch. They do add more calcium to the soil so check the pH around plants often. Scotts 25-Year Pro Landscape Fabric ($35.99) Geotextiles are often used to control weeds without chemicals, reduce soil erosion, and provide some of the moisture retention properties of organic garden mulch. Unfortunately, they are not very attractive in the home garden. I have used this landscape fabric for years as a way to block weeds under more aesthetically pleasing natural wood mulches in my garden. This product is heavy-duty and long-lasting when secured with landscaping staples and worth every penny. Scotts Red Mulch Color Renewal ($21.99) If you used wood chips or bark to mulch garden beds, and they're still in good shape but look a little faded after the growing season, you can brighten it up with spray-on colorant. This is simple to use, much easier than replacing the mulch, and available in red, brown, and black to match your current mulch. The one-gallon container will cover an area that holds about 15 bags of mulch and can tide you over until it's time to replace the mulch entirely. It gets great reviews from gardeners who live by the "work smarter, not harder" motto. Frequently asked questions Is mulch good for the garden? Yes. Mulching a garden helps control weeds and soil erosion, conserves moisture, protects soil and plant roots from harsh temperatures, enriches the soil, and improves the appearance of the garden. Unless you choose an inorganic mulch like rubber, carpet remnants, black or clear plastic sheeting, or nonwoven landscape fabric to go around plants, all organic mulches can be worked into the soil to provide nutrients to plants. Always take a soil sample to your local cooperative extension service each season to determine what supplements need to be added for the type of shrub, tree, vegetable, or flower you are planning to grow. What kind of mulch is best for gardens? This depends. Choosing a mulch is much like choosing plants for the garden. The "best one" depends on garden soil conditions, drainage, the aesthetics you desire, and how much you want to spend. Newsprint is an excellent mulch but it doesn't look very appealing in the garden. River rocks are natural and beautiful but can be difficult to maintain under deciduous trees.  Whether you choose bark, pine straw, rocks, or a geotextile, the best mulch is the one that you will use. A garden without mulch will develop weeds more quickly, lose moisture from the soil due to more rapid evaporation, and experience damage to plant roots from harsh temperature variations. What is the best mulch to prevent weeds? Weeds or any unwanted plant growth are best controlled with a mulch that blocks sunlight completely. Without sunlight, most weeds won't grow. Blocking light can be accomplished by a very thick layer (I suggest 3 to 5 inches) of any dense mulch like wood chips, sawdust, or even grass clippings. For the best weed control, use a layer of landscaping fabric held in place with landscaping staples to completely block light from the soil. Cover the fabric with a layer of decorative mulch for a more natural appearance. If you don't choose to use a landscaping fabric, eradicating the weeds by hoeing or using a natural or chemical weed killer before mulching will give you the best results. What mulch is best to use around the foundation of your house? No one wants to attract insects to invade areas around the foundation of a home (termites are the most dreaded creatures of all). Ideally, plantings and mulched areas should be kept at least one foot from the foundation. To help encourage good drainage to keep the ground drier and prevent washouts from downspouts, this area can be topped with natural stone or an inorganic mulch like plastic or rubber pellets. If you are concerned about a possible insect infestation, use only an inch or so of organic mulch nearest the foundation and inspect often for termites. There are actually two types of wood mulch that termites dislike — cedar and heartwood cypress mulch. Both are more expensive than other types of natural mulch but well-worth your peace of mind. Tue, 31 2020 19:30:00 GMT Paint By Numbers: The Viral Craft Behind Those Instagram Masterpieces While we may grow weary of WFH outfit selfies, chaotic puzzle pics, and screenshots of Zoom happy hours, there's one social media posting that still piques our creative interests: the paint-by-number picture. No longer exclusive to kids, this DIY craft that makes painting like a real artist as easy as, well, 1-2-3 is now a trending adult pastime — one that has provided a shared sense of satisfaction during these socially distant times. There's something so carefree about seeing a photo of that mediocre sunflower painting your friend of a friend posted to their Instagram story; it touches us (wow, look at that thing), it inspires us (surely, I could do better), it moves us to action (ok, I'm ordering one). Ahead, all the simple pleasures that an ordered-to-your-doorstep paint by number kit has to offer — including a pre-sketched numbered canvas with corresponding numbered paints and brushes. The available subject matter includes everything from the more whimsical floating-balloon houses to the more profound Vincent van Gogh scenes and every unexpectedly delightful thing in between (like a Tiger King-style scene or a customizable pet portrait). So go on, isn't it time you shared your own WFH masterpiece?At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.Komking Paint by Numbers, Colorful Balloon 16x20inch, $, available at Amazonellecreepdx diy paint by number kit | FRIDA with flowers, $, available at EtsyReeves Paint By Numbers Large Tigers Painting, $, available at WalmartCOLORWORK Paint by Numbers, Acrylic Pigment-Flying Flower, $, available at AmazonApplePiePainting1 DIY Paint Your Pet Kit, $, available at EtsyCaptainCrafts Paint by Numbers 16 x 20, The Beatles Band (With Frame), $, available at AmazonMyPaintByNumbers Paint by Number Kit, Irises in Monet's Garden, $, available at EtsyJack West Acrylic Paint by Numbers Kit, 16 x 20 (Cute Dog), $, available at AmazonTonzom Paint by Numbers Kits, Sunflower by Van Gogh 16 x 20, $, available at AmazonEsho Paint By Number Kit, $, available at WalmartCatePaperCo Modern floral abstract paint by number kit, $, available at EtsyKomking Paint by Number Kit, Colorful Lion 16x20inch, $, available at AmazonByMuOwnHandsCrafts The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Painting By Number, $, available at EtsyFaber-Castell Watercolor Paint By Number Kit W/EcoPencils-Peacock, $, available at WalmartColourLifeFinds Paint by number kit Agave plant, $, available at Newsight Oil Paint by Number, 16' x 20' Color Cat, $, available at AmazonLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?The Snuggliest Bathrobes To WFH In, FoundHere#039;s What R29ers Wear To Work From HomeBooze Delivery Services That Bring Bottles To You Tue, 31 2020 18:56:36 GMT Melvin Gordon, Phillip Lindsay Will Share Broncos RB Duties, Says HC Vic Fangio Denver Broncos general manager John Elway and head coach Vic Fangio said Tuesday there will be a backfield timeshare between free-agent signing Melvin Gordon and the returning Phillip Lindsay in 2020... Tue, 31 2020 19:10:45 GMT Gordon Hayward Has 34.2 Million Reasons To Stay In Boston Theoretically, Gordon Hayward is a free agent next offseason, but he almost certainly will be remaining with the Boston Celtics. The only question is whether he would trade upfront money for job security. Tue, 31 2020 16:39:53 GMT UK scientists developed a breathing aid for coronavirus patients in less than 100 hours. Some say the device can spread the virus. A team of engineers and clinicians scrambling to address the United Kingdom's ventilator shortage developed an alternative breathing aid.  The breathing aid, known as a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure system, was developed in less than 100 hours. Unlike ventilators, which deliver oxygen through tubes, the CPAPs push air into the lungs through a face mask. However, the alternative devices could potentially aerosolize the new coronavirus or spread it through the air.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A team of engineers and clinicians in the United Kingdom convened on March 18 to address the country's critical shortage ventilators for its novel coronavirus patients.  The shortage is "massive," Andreas Weiland, head of the Switzerland-based ventilator manufacturer Hamilton Medical, told Reuters. Less than 100 hours after their meeting, the team, which included engineers from University College London and Mercedes, found a seemingly workable solution in a breathing aid known as a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure system (CPAP). By March 29, the country's medical equipment regulator approved the devices for production. "This breathing aid was produced within a rapid timeframe – it took fewer than 100 hours from the initial meeting to production of the first device," UCL said in a statement. Mercedes, which helped engineer the devices, can produce 300 CPAPs a day. The manufacturer "can scale up to 1,000 a day with one week's notice," Professor Rebecca Shipley, director of UCL's Institute of Healthcare Engineering, told BBC Newshour on Monday. Unlike ventilators, which deliver oxygen through closed tubes, the CPAPs push air into the lungs through a face mask. "It's a specialized tight-fitting mask or hood where we deliver oxygen under constant pressure," Shipley told the outlet. They deliver oxygen "at a rate which is therapeutic and hopefully can help patients manage their respiratory issues without them progressing to full ventilation." When COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, significantly affects respiration, the device can aid breathing. It "has been used extensively in hospitals in Italy and China to help COVID-19 patients with serious lung infections to breathe more easily," a statement from Mercedes said. The CPAPs, which have been used in Italian and Spanish hospitals, "will help to save lives by ensuring that ventilators, a limited resource, are used only for the most severely ill," Professor Mervyn Singer, a UCL Hospital critical-care consultant, told CNN. Because of the ventilator shortage, which has also troubled the US, healthcare workers and experts have scrambled to find and develop alternatives. A dilemma laid bare: the breathing aid may spread the coronavirus, but there aren't enough ventilators for everyone Although the UK team won praise for quickly creating the breathing aid, some health officials have raised concerns about the safety of CPAPs, which they say can spread the coronavirus. At the Life Care Center of Kirkland, a nursing home in Washington state, health workers began using the devices in late Febuary for patients with respiratory problems. They didn't know the patients had COVID-19 until later. "It's best practice for us for people with respiratory illnesses," Jim Whitney, a Redland Fire Department medical administrator whose team responded to 911 calls from the nursing home, told NPR. "We had no idea that we potentially had COVID patients there." But the devices could potentially aerosolize the virus. The American Society of Anesthesiologists has warned against using them for COVID-19 patients, saying they "may increase the risk of infectious transmission." The gaping need for ventilators drew in requests from the British government to a wide variety of private-sector groups for production help through a consortium of engineering firms including companies like Airbus and BAE Systems.  The group, named Ventilator Challenge UK, received an order for 10,000 of two models, according to The Guardian, and will join orders requested from companies like Dyson to bring 41,000 ventilators to the NHS.Join the conversation about this story » Tue, 31 2020 16:13:51 GMT Coronavirus: Millions of garden plants set to be binned The Horticultural Trades Association says many producers could go bust because of the coronavirus. Tue, 31 2020 06:30:37 GMT At A Secluded Vineyard In Chile, A Chef Tends An Organic Garden An ultra-luxe winery resort in Chile’s remote Millahue Valley, Vik Chile, the brainchild of Norwegian-Uruguayan billionaire and his wife Carrie, offers 22 extravagant suites, each decorated in an individual theme by Mrs. Vik and an international team of artists. Mon, 30 2020 22:34:41 GMT ‘This Is a War’: Cuomo Pleads for Help From Doctors Across U.S. as Coronavirus Death Toll Surges New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday issued a heartfelt plea to health-care workers across the United States, asking them to help the Empire State fight the worst coronavirus outbreak in the nation.“Help New York. We’re the ones who are hit right now,” Cuomo said during a Monday press conference at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, which has been converted into a makeshift hospital. “This virus does not discriminate. It doesn’t discriminate by age. It doesn’t discriminate by party. It affects all Americans, and what you’re seeing in New York is going to spread across this country.”“This is a war,” he added.As the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in the United States, New York is fighting the pandemic in already overwhelmed hospitals that are facing a shortage of staff and supplies.To date, more than 1,218 people have died and 66,500 individuals have been infected with the virus across the city of 8.6 million, less than a month after the first known infection in the state. Cuomo said Monday that over the last 24 hours, 253 people died across New York State.“We’ve been behind this virus from day one,” he conceded. NYC Is on the Brink as Patients Flood Hospitals Already ‘Under Siege’While the COVID-19 cases still account for fewer than 1 percent of the city’s population, hospitals across the five boroughs have been struggling over the last week to keep up with the influx of patients.On Monday, Cuomo asked for help to keep up with the staggering numbers of infected patients, promising the Empire State would return the favor whenever it’s over the “bell curve.”“In this battle, the troops are our healthcare professionals,” Cuomo said. “We need relief. We need relief for nurses working 12-hour shifts. We need relief for doctors. Help us now and we will return the favor.”“There are no red states or blue states. There are only red, white, and blue states,” he added. “There is no American who is immune to this virus.”When asked about recent inflammatory comments made by Donald Trump, Cuomo said he’s unafraid to “tangle” with the president but would prefer to put politics aside. He urged Trump to simply “tell the truth” during this life-threatening situation.“I am not engaging the president in politics, my only goal is to engage the president in partnership,” the governor said. “This is no time for politics.”He said he thanked Trump on Monday for one piece of desperately needed federal aid: the USNS Comfort—a white naval hospital ship currently equipped with 1,000 beds, 12 operating rooms, a medical laboratory, and over 1,000 officers.The ship will remain docked in the Hudson River and is expected to treat patients who are not infected by the coronavirus, allowing hospitals already inundated with infected patients to shift their focus to the tidal wave of new cases they receive daily. The converted supertanker that arrived in Manhattan from Virginia was previously used as a floating base for rescue workers after 9/11—which had a death toll that many medical officials believe will be eclipsed by the pandemic in the coming weeks.“This is like adding another hospital here in New York City,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday, thanking the federal government and the Navy for working alongside state officials in this “war-time atmosphere.” “It’s such a boost to see the military arrive to help us out. We needed the boost, we needed this hope that’s being created by our brothers and sisters in the US Navy.”“It’s also about boosting the morale of New Yorkers. Our nation has heard our plea for help, here in New York,” the mayor added.‘We’re Scared’: Doctors in New Coronavirus Hotspots Brace for ‘Tsunami’ of PatientsBut at least one NYC doctor on the frontlines is not optimistic the USNS Comfort will be enough to relieve city hospitals overrun with coronavirus cases.“It’s like putting a band-aid on a firehose,” one NYU Langone doctor told The Daily Beast on Monday. “Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are all overworked, we all don’t have medical supplies, but we have never experienced anything like this before. We need a lot more than a ship.”De Blasio reiterated the doctor’s skepticism, stating that while the federal government has finally answered local and state officials’ demands for assistance, the city needs “to triple our hospital bed capacity” by May in order to keep up with the “horrible increase” in deaths, which is expected to reach its peak in May. “To date, I still fear the worst is not going to be April but actually the beginning of May,” de Blasio said. “I guarantee you that April is going to be exceedingly tough and we have to understand that any projection of things being all okay by Easter, there’s just no way that’s true for New York City.”The mayor also slammed Donald Trump on Monday, after the president suggested New York medical works are stealing face masks, calling the suggestion “insulting” and “incredibly insensitive to people right now who are giving their all.” Cuomo further addressed Trump’s Sunday allegations of “backdoor” funneling, confirming the state is “stockpiling” some medical equipment in order to prepare for the impending peak of the pandemic in New York. “If you are not preparing for the apex, for the highpoint, then you are missing the whole point of the operation,” Cuomo said, adding it is a “fundamental blunder” to not prepare for the future. “If he wants to make an accusation, then let him make an accusation, but I don’t know what he’s trying to say in inference.”The push for more equipment is the latest in a series of efforts Cuomo and de Blasio have made to support hospitals across New York City. In addition, Cuomo has extended the state-wide stay-at-home order until at least April 15, and de Blasio has authorized law enforcement to issue fines to those who do not follow social distancing guidelines.“If you leave the house you are exposing yourself to danger. If you leave the house, you’re exposing others to danger, so stay at home,” Cuomo said Monday. “The public has to be responsible.”New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Implements ‘Stay at Home’ Order Amid Coronavirus PandemicTo combat the lack of space, the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center has been repurposed as a makeshift 3,000-bed overflow hospital facility and is expected to be opened on Monday. Cuomo has previously said officials are considering transforming dorms and hotels into emergency medical wards. A section of Central Park is even being used as a field hospital to help house the influx of patients. Mount Sinai Hospital in New York is working with an evangelical Christian aid organization to set up tents in the park that will house 70 regular hospital beds, along with 10 ICU beds, the hospital said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “Samaritan’s Purse, in partnership with Mount Sinai Health System and intergovernmental agencies, are constructing an Emergency Field Hospital in East Meadow in Central Park to provide care for patients seriously ill with COVID-19,” a hospital spokesperson said in a statement.Despite these extraordinary measures, hospitals across the city are getting slammed with patients. In one viral video released over the weekend, health-care workers can be seen using forklifts to load patients who died from the virus into refrigerated trucks that have been deployed across the five boroughs. “This is for real. This is Brooklyn,” one man says in the five-minute clip outside Brooklyn Hospital Center in Fort Greene, according to the New York Post.  “They’re putting the bodies in the 18-wheeler…this is no joke…this is Brooklyn Hospital.”The refrigerated trucks have also been placed at Bellevue Hospital, where medical examiner workers are scrambling to construct a makeshift white-tent morgue outside the facility. Elmhurst Hospital Center, a 545-bed public facility in Queens that lost 13 patients within 24 hours last week, also has an “active”  refrigerator truck in case of “any overflow,” a city spokesperson told The Daily Beast. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said on Monday more refrigerator trucks are on their way to New York City and the military has deployed 42 additional people to the Manhattan Medical Examiner’s office to help the “desperate need” across the city. Sick Doctors Are Being Forced to Use Vacation Time if They Get Coronavirus“We are sending refrigeration trucks to New York to help with some of the problems on a temporary basis,” FEMA regional administrator Thomas Von Essen said at a Monday press conference with de Blasio, noting that the agency has not ruled out the idea of turning Madison Square Garden into a temporary mortuary.Those on the frontlines of this highly infectious virus are suffering crippling anxiety as they help patients without adequate protective equipment. At least two nurses in city hospitals have died after contracting the coronavirus during their shifts.“We’re putting ourselves in danger, our patients in danger, and our families in danger just by coming to work with the same mask that we used yesterday,” one emergency room nurse told The Daily Beast. “All the guidance we seem to get from our hospitals is ‘wash your hands’ and ‘be safe.’” Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more. Mon, 30 2020 18:26:14 GMT Early van Gogh Painting Stolen From Dutch Museum “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring” was the only thing missing after a heist near Amsterdam. Whoever was behind the theft made the move on the artist’s birthday, knowingly or not. Mon, 30 2020 18:28:45 GMT